Top 3 Best iPad Tablet Holders for Bed (2020 Review)

You want to lay in your comfortable bed and have a flexible holder to position your iPad and secure it in place while you watch a movie or the latest shows on Netflix. There are a lot of products out there but you don’t know which iPad stand you should buy. We have curated a researched list and undertook reviews of the top 3 best iPad holders for bed available for purchase today in 2020.

Some key features that make a good iPad holder should include the ability to be flexible, adjustable, lightweight, stable and firm grip.

1. Lamicall Gooseneck Tablet Mount Holder for Bed

Topping our list of 3 best iPad holders for bed is Lamicall’s Gooseneck Tablet Holder. Designed with a sturdy base, a durable aluminum-magnesium alloy solid core, a flexible arm and anti-skid grip, it is obvious why this product provides the maximum flexible adjust-ablity and stability. The grip is lined with protective rubber designed with a special curved shape to prevent the iPad from falling from the bed and to provide the device with firm support.

Key DesignAnti-Skid Grip
Alloy Solid Core
Flexible Arm
Sturdy Base

2. SAMHOUSING Tablet Stand for Bed

Another gem that has made it onto the list of our favorite iPad stand for the bed is SAMHOUSING’s 360 degree rotatable tablet holder. It claims as the first tablet arm stand in the world with 4 joints, allowing for full adjust-ability and capability to rotate 360 degrees. The firm mechanical aluminum arm is equipped with super strong springs to hold up to maximum of 1.5kg of weight, allowing the user to comfortably free their hands and watch iPad in the bedroom.

Key DesignFour arm joints
360 degree rotation
Holds up to 1.5kg

3. Flippy Soft Lap Stand for iPads

A bit different to the other iPad holders, Flippy has created a soft pillow-like stand to hold up your iPad, eReaders, books and smartphones on the comfort of your lap. Unique in its own way, Flippy’s tablet lap stand is perfect for the bed with its lightweight, multi-use, multi-angle features. What’s even better is it is designed with a plush soft exterior that is easy to clean off with a damp cloth.

Key DesignSoft and lightweight
Three viewing angles
Compatible with multiple devices


When it comes to choosing a suitable tablet holder for the bedroom, you need to consider beyond the product’s price. Factors that influence the your choice should be the tablet mount’s flexibility, stability, sturdiness, rotation and weight. We hope that this review has helped you with your purchase and if you like our list of top 3 best iPad holders for bed available for purchase today in 2020, then make sure to share it with your family and friends.

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